What Are the Parts for a Coal Stoker?


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Parts of a coal stoker include the hopper, cleanout duct, drive unit, control gear, retort and coal tube. A stoker is a convenient device that fires coal in a small controlled space before it is used in boilers, boiler furnaces, kilns, industrial furnaces or any other machine. Coal stokers were invented in Britain and have been in use since the Victorian period.

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After the hopper has been filled with coal, the coal is fed into the base of the retort and rises into a combustion area. Air is introduced into the retort through a row nozzles, and fuel and air move upwards to produce combustion. This flow is controlled to suit the requirements of each installation. For example it can be adjusted to feed into the firebox of a boiler at a set rate. Larger stokers were also used in steam locomotives. These had conveyors that fed directly into the firebox, and the coal was then spread over a grate by steam jets.

Coal-stoked boilers have become an alternative to oil and natural gas when it comes to heating. But although the parts may have become more mechanized, the essential design of the stoker has remained functionally the same since it was invented.

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