What Are the Parts of a Champion Dishwasher?


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Parts of a Champion dishwater include the condensate hood, splash curtain, pressure relief, rinse tank, overflow ring and rinse temperature interlock. Other parts include the air gap and brake tank, drain pumps, control panel and heating elements.

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Situated over the dishwasher, a condensate hood captures heat and vapor. This helps to protect the dishwasher from getting extremely hot, ensuring a favorable working environment. A splash curtain includes two layers of curtains that are essential for controlling the volume of water splashing off the dishwasher and is necessary in keeping hot water away from the person washing the dishes. The splash curtain also helps to save energy by controlling the air currents and ensuring constant heat inside the unit.

Apart from maintaining suitable lower pressure for the dishwasher to work effectively, a pressure relief valve is also responsible for reducing high pressure. Absent or dysfunctional valves increase the risk of pipe rupture and subsequent damage to the building. A rinse tank is another important component, and it is where detergent used to wash dishes is removed. A faulty tank leads to half-washed dishes with soap residues.

An overflow ring is a tube that drains away from the rinse tank. The air gap and brake tank prevent mixing of dirty water and water meant for drinking and cooking. While the control panel or control circuit ensures that the dishwater follows the right sequence, the drain pump and motor ensure proper circulation and drainage of water.

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