What Are the Parts of an Avalon Wood Stove?


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Parts of an Avalon wood stove include the chimney, legs, pedestal, fans and door. Interior parts that make these stoves burn more efficiently include a draft control, an airwash system, a door seal, secondary burn tubes and a brick baffle. As of March 2015, Avalon sells four wood stove models.

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Avalon touts its EPA Phase II combustion systems that need very little maintenance over the long-term use of its wood stove. Air-tight seals prevent heat and smoke from leaking out the main door of the wood stove. The primary air source puts preheated air into the combustion chamber. Secondary burn tubes towards the top of the combustion chamber keep the fire burning hotter and longer. The brick baffle can be removed to help regulate heat on the top of the wood stove. Plate steel covers the outside of the contraption.

Fans blow the heat in any direction. The chimney comes out of the top of the unit to shunt smoke and ash away from the main combustion chamber. The flue collar connects the top of the wood stove to the chimney. The wood stove can sit on four legs or a pedestal, depending on what the customer feels is more aesthetically pleasing. A kindling rack sits next to the wood stove.

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