What Are the Parts of an Amana Heat Pump?


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An Amana heat pump system is made up of an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor air handler or blower. Typically, the indoor unit is a central air system, delivering air throughout the house via ventilation ducts. The compressor may also connect to multiple blowers in separate rooms.

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Each part of a heat pump uses a series of coils to transfer heat between the air and a coolant liquid. In the summer, the indoor coils serve as evaporators, allowing the liquid to absorb heat from the air and expand into a gas. This gas is pumped through a compressor, which increases its pressure and temperature, and then flows through condenser coils where it releases its heat and returns to liquid form. In the winter, this system is reversed, with the outdoor coils absorbing heat and the indoor coils releasing it into the home.

Most heat pumps use a central air handler, which delivers the heated or cooled air throughout the home using ventilation ducts. Mini-split or ductless heat pumps forgo the ventilation ducts and connect the compressor to individual blowers in various rooms in the home. These wall-mounted units contain the second set of coils, and provide heated or cooled air directly to the rooms that need it.

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