What parts does an Amana dryer contain?


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Some of the parts of an Amana dryer include a gas dryer ignition coil, drum belt, drum support roller and thrust washer. Amana dryers also typically consist of a drum glide, idler pulley wheel, retaining ring and cylinder felt seal.

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An M series gas dryer ignition coil set consists of two ignition coils and is used to replace burned out ignition coils in an Amana dryer. Both ignition coils in the dryer should function properly to enable the gas valve to open. The ignition coil set is typically used to repair a malfunctioning Amana dryer that produces no heat or insufficient heat, turns off very quickly on auto-dry setting, or takes a long period to dry.

A multi-rib belt contains five ridges and can be used to fix an Amana dryer that creates an unusual noise, doesn���t produce heat, produces inadequate heat, or takes a long time to dry. A thrust washer may need replacement if an Amana dryer produces a burning smell, pumps but does not spin, or creates a bizarre noise.

A drum support roller, which features a metallic bearing in the middle, is found in square-ported models. Many Amana dryers have two rollers in the back. Both rollers should be replaced simultaneously if they are the source of problems such as a strange noise or failure to tumble.

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