What Parts and Accessories Come With the Ninja Mega Kitchen System?


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The Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with a wide range of parts and accessories, from the Ninja Mega Kitchen System motor base, blades and bowls, to a pitcher and to-go cups with lids. All parts and accessories are available for ordering from the Ninja Kitchen products website.

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Among the parts available for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System are several blades. Each blade has a specific use within the system, from the dough hook commonly used for bread and cookie dough to the Nutri Ninja blade used for creating various juices. There is also a four- and six-blade attachment for chopping foods into various sized chunks.

Several bowls are available for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System as well. The bowls are of multiple sizes to avoid spillage and attach directly to the base unit for use. Along with a mini prep bowl, the system includes a 64-ounce processor bowl and a 72-ounce pitcher. Lids are available to cover the 64-ounce bowl and 72-ounce pitcher to allow users to take along mixes after processing and to make it easier to store finished products. For smaller amounts of liquid, individual cups are available, with to-go lids available to fit the cups and prevent spillage. There's even a cookbook available with recipes specifically formulated for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

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