Which Part of a Flower Produces Pollen?

part-flower-produces-pollen Credit: Deb Casso/Caiaimage/Getty Images

The anther is the part of a flower's stamen that produces pollen, a yellow dust-like substance. The stamen is the male part of the flower that consists of the anther and filament.

The female parts of a flower are the ovule, ovary, pistil, style and stigma. The pistil consists of the ovary, style and stigma. The ovary contains the ovule. The stigma is where pollen germination takes place, and the pistil is the site that produces the ovule.

Other important parts of a flower are the peduncle, petals and sepal. While the sepal covers or protects the bud, the petals are the colorful parts of flower. The peduncle is the flower's stalk.