What Is Parawood?

Parawood is wood from a Parawood tree, also known as a rubber tree. Parawood is also called rubberwood. Parawood is often used for furniture and wood flooring because it shrinks little during drying. It also has a condensed grain and is a light color that is easy to stain.

The rubber tree's primary harvest is latex sap, which is used to make natural rubber as the name suggests. The wood is used for furniture once the tree is no longer a viable source for latex sap and has been cut down, making Parawood a more environmentally sound or green material than other woods.

Parawood is sometimes made into a composite with hardwood to make it better for furniture manufacture and finishing. Parawood resists mold, bacteria and fungus. Most rubber tree plantations are found in Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Rubber trees can grow taller than 75 feet and 3 feet in diameter, so one tree can produce a large amount of lumber.

Parawood is highly available as opposed to rarer woods, such as teak, jarrah and mahogany. It is also considered more sustainable than many other wood sources because of the methods of growing and harvesting, as well as the fact that wood is part of the secondary harvest from the Parawood tree.