What Is a Papasan Chair?


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A papasan chair, also known as a bowl chair, is a large rounded chair of Asian origin often comprised of a removable seat cushion and a frame made of rattan or wicker. It is a chair known for being extremely comfortable and for its unique, appealing appearance.

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The birthplace and date of the papasan chair can only be speculated. Natives of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines and Japan, were using this style of chair for centuries before American soldiers discovered it during World War II. The papasan chair was brought to America with the return of the soldiers and, by the mid-1960s, was found in many homes across the country.

The basic design of the papasan chair has not changed considerably since its discovery. A papasan chair is generally made of three parts: a cone-shaped base, a rounded seat and a thick cushion. The frame of the chair is traditionally crafted from rattan, which is sturdy but prone to weakening over time or with extensive use, while more modern papasan chairs are made from lightweight metal. The cushion is typically stuffed with cotton fluff and covered in a velveteen material. Traditional papasan chairs allow the cushion to be removed for easy cleaning.

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