Why Is My Palm Tree Getting Brown Leaves?

The common reasons that a palm tree's leaves turn brown are very low temperature, too much or too little light, insufficient water and too much fertilizer, according to SFGate. Palms need proper care to grow healthy and have large fan or feathered leaves.

Warm temperature is important for indoor palms. Palms tend to have brownish-red spots on leaves when they are placed in a very cold area. They are best kept in a room with a temperature above 45 degrees Fahrenheit and far from drafty areas, such as near air-conditioning units.

Palms with gray or brown leaves that are about to shrivel likely suffer from excessive direct sunlight. It is best to place indoor palms near an east-facing or south-facing window with filtered light to get enough natural light.

Palms that receive insufficient water often have brown leaf tips and margins and dried leaves. They should not be left to dry out or sit in water. When watering palms, water needs to be poured until it comes out the drainage tray. The tray must be emptied immediately.

Too much fertilizer causes brown leaf tips and margins as fertilizer accumulation and dry soil cause the leaves to burn. Slow-release or diluted liquid fertilizer is best used when palms are actively growing, usually from late winter through early fall.