What Paints Do Experts Recommend Using on Vinyl Siding?


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Home improvement expert Tim Carter from Ask the Builder recommends that painters use an exterior house paint specially formulated for vinyl siding and made from water-based urethane and acrylic resins. Exterior latex paints labeled as containing urethane are generally the best choice.

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Vinyl siding proved difficult to paint before the introduction of these specially formulated paints. Vinyl tends to expand and contract greatly with changes in temperature, causing earlier exterior paints to peel away and chip. The new paints are designed to expand and contract along with the siding, reducing the chances of a lost bond between the paint and the siding surface.

Dark paint on vinyl siding causes the material to absorb heat. High temperatures can make the siding buckle. The ability of the specialty paints to expand and contract keeps the paint in place should the siding buckle. To prevent buckling, experts suggest using lighter colored paint on the siding. Choosing a paint that is as near to the original color of the vinyl as possible produces the best results; choosing a color that has the same level of color depth and richness is also recommended. A color chip card with the original color can help painters find complementary colors.

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