What Painting Techniques Should You Use on a Brick Home?


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When painting a brick home, be sure to clean the brick surface thoroughly, removing dirt and other contaminants, as they cause paint to stick unevenly. Bricks must be completely dry before painting begins. Use a brush, roller or paint sprayer to apply latex primer, and use elastodynamic paint for the best results.

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To prepare brick surfaces for painting, soapy water and a stiff-bristled brush should be enough to clean off the majority of surfaces. Remove tough stains and other difficult-to-clean areas with trisodium phosphate mixed into a bucket of water and fired through a pressure washer. Avoid acid-based cleaning solutions when preparing brick surfaces for painting.

When applying primer, make sure to add additional coats of primer to surfaces that have mildew or efflorescence. Once the primer dries completely, apply the paint. Elastodynamic paint is good at filling cracks, making it ideal for the textures of a brick surface. If this type of paint is not available, regular acrylic latex exterior paint is sufficient, and may even be preferable in some exterior conditions. Use a paint sprayer to cover large brick areas, or brushes and rollers for small surfaces. When painting bricks with a roller, choose a roller with a thick nap that allows the paint to soak into the mortar that binds the bricks.

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