How Do You Paint Wrought Iron Gates?


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Paint a wrought iron gate by first removing the old paint and any noticeable rust, taking steps to prevent new rust, priming, and then painting. Allow enough time for the primer and the paint to dry before adding a second coat.

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How Do You Paint Wrought Iron Gates?
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  1. Remove old paint and rust

    Scrape the gate with a wire brush to remove any paint that’s loose or peeling. The scraping also removes loose rust. Use a drill with a wire wheel attached to remove rust that doesn’t come off with the brush. Sand the gate with course-grit sandpaper to remove the rest of the paint.

  2. Prevent future rust

    Mix a rust-neutralizing concoction that consists of one part lemon juice and one part white vinegar, and wipe down the gate with it. Allow the gate to dry for about an hour. Wash the gate with soap and water, and allow it to dry.

  3. Prime and paint the gate

    Use a paintbrush to apply rust-inhibiting primer made specifically for metal to the entire gate. Allow the primer to dry for most of the day. Use a medium-bristled paintbrush to paint the gate with rust-resistant paint in your choice of color. Apply another coat as needed once the first coat is dry.

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