How Do You Paint a Wood Table?


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Painting a wood table is a job that can be completed within a weekend, including the time needed for the paint to dry. You need paint, primer, brushes, a roller and sandpaper.

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  1. Prepare the surface for painting

    To prepare the wood for painting, you need to sand it using 220-grit sandpaper. Sanding creates a slightly rough surface for the primer to stick to.

  2. Apply the primer

    Apply a thin coat of primer, making sure that your brush strokes follow the direction of the wood grain. Primer creates a smooth base for the paint.

  3. Apply the paint

    Use a synthetic paintbrush to apply latex paint to the table. If you are using oil-based paint, you need to use a natural brush instead. You can also use a paint roller to cover large areas quickly. Make sure you get an even covering of paint on all parts of the table.

  4. Check the first coat and apply a second if necessary

    Once the first coat has dried, check to see whether there are any uneven sections. If there are sections where the paint has run to form a thick droplet, you can sand them down to remove the droplets of paint. Apply a second coat of paint so that all areas of the table are covered evenly.

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