How Do You Paint Wood Furniture?

How Do You Paint Wood Furniture?

To paint wood furniture, sand the wood surfaces using sandpaper, and apply spray primer before painting. You need spray primer, a paint brush, sandpaper, a damp cloth and paint to complete this task.

  1. Sand the wood

    Sand down the wood furniture with sandpaper to make the surfaces smooth. A smooth surface ensures that the paint does not chip off. Using a damp cloth, wipe off the dust generated from sanding. Let the surface dry for a few minutes.

  2. Apply the spray primer

    Apply the spray primer to the wood, and let the primer dry for 10 minutes. Apply another coat or two, and let the primer dry. The spray primer helps the paint adhere to the wood surface. If the surface feels rough after the first coat, sand and dust your furniture before applying the other coats of primer.

  3. Paint the furniture

    Mix the paint, and use a clean paint brush to apply the first thin coat. Leave the paint to dry, and then apply three to four thin coats more. Leave each thin coat to dry before applying another. Thin coats are more durable than one thick coat. Leave your furniture to dry once you are done with painting.