How Do You Paint Walls With Stencils?


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There are several steps in painting a wall using stencils. It is important that homeowners use the proper tools and techniques to make sure the stencil comes out looking clean and neat.

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In order to paint a wall with stencils, homeowners need to first measure and tape off the location of the stencil. This is important because the stencils come out uneven if they are not properly spaced. In order to keep paint from bleeding underneath the stencil, homeowners must firmly secure the stencil to the wall with painter's tape, leaving little room for paint to run under the stencil. Special stencil brushes are required to work with these designs. Homeowners should choose stencil brushes in different sizes to accommodate the different parts of their stencil design.

When painting the stencil, painters should start by dipping the tip of the brush in the paint, then tapping the tip on a paper towel to remove excess fluid. Instead of using a stroking method, homeowners should fill in the stencil using a jabbing motion, being careful to fill in the cut-outs on the stencil completely. It is best to apply the stencil in two thin coats, allowing one to dry completely before applying the second coat. Once the paint dries, carefully remove the stencil and clean it before beginning the process again.

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