How Do You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Paint vinyl siding by cleaning the siding, picking the right color shade, buying the right type of paint and painting the siding. You need soap, water, a bucket, a paintbrush, and urethane and acrylic paint.

  1. Clean the siding

    Fill a bucket with soapy water. Wet a rag in the soapy water, and scrub the siding. If the vinyl shows signs of mildew, clean the siding with an oxygen-based bleach cleaner.

  2. Choose the paint

    Choose paint that contains both urethane and acrylic resins with a water base, such as exterior latex urethane paint. When picking out the color, choose a shade is at least as dark as the original shade. The shade of the color affects heat absorption, so darker colors cause the siding to absorb more heat than that for which it was designed and can cause the siding to warp.

  3. Choose the right time to paint

    Paint the siding either while it is in the shade or on an overcast day. Avoid painting in direct sunlight.

  4. Paint the siding

    Paint the siding by using a brush or paint roller. Paint all surfaces thoroughly, because as the siding expands and contracts in hot and cold weather, unpainted gaps can show.

Vinyl siding is designed to expand and contract with heat, so it may be necessary to touch up the paint in cold weather, as the siding will contract and cause unpainted gaps to show between the panels.