How Do You Paint a Textured Refrigerator?


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To paint a textured refrigerator, sand the surface of any area of the appliance that will be painted and then use an epoxy spray paint to recolor and refinish the refrigerator. It works best to remove the doors before painting them.

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Before starting any project, remember to unplug the refrigerator, and disconnect the water supply if necessary. To remove the doors, take off the top hinges. Once those are off, open the doors slightly and lift them up off the bottom hinges. Make sure the appliance is completely clean before beginning the painting process. Rinse down the exterior, scrub it lightly, and then let it dry completely.

Next, use a fine-grit sandpaper to rub away any loose paint or rust, and then wipe down the refrigerator with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust. Cover or remove any part of the appliance that is not going to be painted. When selecting the paint, try to find a spray paint that is designed for appliances. These will often help to minimize any rust build up in the future.

To paint the refrigerator, spray down in straight lines that overlap each other slightly. Make sure to shake the spray paint can after every few passes over the appliance. Put a two or three coats of paint on and let the appliance dry overnight.

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