How Do You Paint a Teen's Room?

Painting a teen girl's room is no different than painting a teen boy's room, but the design should be a reflection of the teen's personality. Girls often want their rooms to make a dramatic statement, while boys typically prefer minimalism. Either way, choose a theme and select paint that complements the decor.

One idea for a teen boy's room is to paint a wall using chalkboard paint. Not only does this provide a strong, masculine accent to the room, it gives the boy space to exhibit his own creativity and ideas. Another idea is using paint that corresponds to the boy's favorite sports team. If the boy is more interested in music, a theme could be based on electric guitars and concert posters. In this case, use the guitars and posters to determine the color palette. Blue is a common paint color for boys, frequently accented with white, brown or beige.

For girls, bright or warm colors are often appropriate. Pink, lavender and light green are common colors for teen girls' bedrooms. Some girls may still appreciate a princess theme, while others might want a modern take reminiscent of shopping malls and cell phones. One option is to start with a statement piece such as a colorful quilt and pull colors from that. Another option is to start with a neutral-colored wall and use stencils to add bold patterns or pictures.