How Do You Paint Stucco?

How Do You Paint Stucco?

To paint stucco walls, wash them with soapy water, repair holes with patching compound, prime the walls and paint them. This nine-day project requires soap, water, a bucket, a sponge, mesh, patching compound, a utility knife, primer, acrylic-latex paint, a thin paintbrush, a paint roller and a paint tray.

  1. Wash the walls

    Wash the stucco with soapy water, and let it air dry.

  2. Apply patching compound

    Look for holes, and wipe the edges of each to remove crumbled stucco. Cut a piece of mesh slightly larger than each hole, set the patches over the holes, and cover the mesh with patching compound. Let the patching compound dry for at least seven days before you proceed.

  3. Prime the stucco

    Prime the stucco with a roller, and let it dry for 24 hours. If some of the underlying wall remains visible, apply a second coat of primer, and dry it for 24 hours.

  4. Paint the stucco

    Pour acrylic-latex paint into a paint tray, and use a thin paintbrush to paint the corners and edges of the walls. Paint the remaining stucco with a roller. Move it in a "W" shape to avoid obvious lines. Let the paint dry according to the manufacturer's instructions, and then apply a second coat.