How Do You Paint Without Streaks?


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To paint without streaks, use a paint roller. A good-quality paint roller covers the paint more evenly with no streaks, especially if the paint roll is made of wool or a soft foam brush.

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The streaks in painting are created by the bristles in the brush. Paint rollers and foam brushes contain no bristles, which means no streaking. When picking out a paint roller, make sure it's good quality, as this can make a noticeable difference in the results. Ideally, the paint roller should be thick enough to hold a good amount of paint. Coat the roller evenly with paint, and remove the excess paint by rolling it on a paint pan.

When it is time to paint, roll up and down in one long strip. Continue this process, and coat the entire surface without overlapping strips. Apply some light pressure on the paint roller for more even coating. Once the whole surface is painted, apply a second layer of paint if needed.

After painting, wash the paint roller by placing it in a bucket of water to dilute the paint and squeeze out the excess. Repeat this step a couple more times, and leave the roller out to dry so it lasts a long time.

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