How Do You Paint SmartSide Siding?


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To paint SmartSide siding, select a high-quality acrylic latex, oil or alkyd paint, and apply it following the coating manufacturer's application and maintenance instructions. LP Building Products provides detailed product installation and maintenance instructions on the company website, located at LPCorp.com.

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According to the SmartSide Trim and Siding application instructions, you should inspect nails prior to painting to ensure they have not been driven too deep. Nail heads should be snug or flush to avoid distorting the siding surface and to prevent moisture penetration. If there is visible fiber, paint over the nail head. If the nail is countersunk up to 1/8 inch, apply sealant. If the nail is countersunk more than 1/8 inch, apply sealant and re-nail that point.

Additionally, you must apply flashing and sealant around all doors, windows and other openings to prevent water from pooling or penetrating. Seal all gaps in the siding with a non-hardening, paintable sealant.

Prime and paint all exposed surfaces, paying special attention to areas where water may drip or hang. Apply the finish coat as soon as possible or within six months of application. LP Building Products recommends that you choose a paint that is formulated for use on wood and engineered wood products. Do not use semi-transparent or transparent stains, vinyl-based resin formulas or paints formulated for shakes and shingles.

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