How Do You Find Paint Recycling Center Locations?

How Do You Find Paint Recycling Center Locations? provides a paint drop-off locator that allows residents and commercial businesses to find paint recycling centers in participating states. Some counties, such as Monroe County in Indiana and Hennepin County in Minnesota, offer year-round drop-off facilities for hazardous materials, including paint, stain, varnish and solvents.

To find paint recycling centers via, navigate to its homepage, and click Drop-Off Locations on the top menu. Enter a city or a zip code to find a drop-off center that accepts leftover paint. PaintCare only has programs in select states, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota and Oregon. Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine also have PaintCare programs, while the District of Columbia has also passed a paint stewardship program in cooperation with PaintCare Inc.

The counties of Monroe and Hennepin accept hazardous materials at their drop-off points. Monroe County, in particular, has a paint exchange and disposal program that accepts all types of paints and stains. The county uses reusable latex paints for rehabilitating its small home projects, while non-reusable paints are properly disposed of. The fees vary by the amount of paint to be dropped off. Paint-related products and oil-based and lead-based paints may be dropped off without charge.

Hennepin County's drop-off facilities accept hazardous materials, such as paints, varnish, stains and solvents, from households only. The locations only accept three five-gallon pails of these items per year.