How Do You Paint Polka Dots on Walls?


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Paint polka dots on walls by preparing the wall, painting the base coat, making a stencil and painting the polka dots. Choose coordinating or contrasting colors and a variety of sizes for the dots to maximize the impact.

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  1. Prepare the walls

    Take down any decorations on the walls, and remove any nails, tacks or screws. Fill or patch any holes using putty or plaster, and then sand until smooth. Apply painter's tape to trim, doors and windows. Ensure the walls are clean and dust-free before painting.

  2. Paint the base coat

    Apply the base coat using a paint roller or brush. One to two coats of paint are generally needed for adequate coverage and color saturation, but darker colors may need more. Allow the paint to dry for at least four hours or as long as overnight.

  3. Make a stencil or template

    Stencils and templates can be made using a compass or any round object. Trace the circles, and then cut them out. Decide on the placement of the polka dots on the wall. Stencils focus on one dot at a time, while templates allow multiple dots to be arranged at the same time. Use painter's tape to affix the stencil or template to the wall.

  4. Paint the polka dots

    With a paint roller, small paint brush or stenciling brush, apply paint inside the stencil or template. Let the paint dry, and add additional coats as needed. Carefully remove the stencil or template and tape.

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