How Do You Paint a Patio?


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To paint a patio, first clean and prime the surface. Then, apply thin layers of concrete paint until you achieve a thick paint covering.

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  1. Gather your supplies

    Buy a can of concrete-and-masonry primer and a can of concrete paint. Choose a color that complements your home's exterior. Buy a long-handled roller with a 3/8-inch nap and a roller tray to mix the paint.

  2. Clean and prime the patio

    Remove the furniture from your patio, and sweep off any dirt or debris. Mop the patio to remove any additional dirt. Allow the water to dry completely, and cover the patio in concrete primer. Leave the primer until it is dry.

  3. Paint the first coat

    Open your paint can, and stir the paint until it is completely mixed. Pour it into your roller tray, and place the tray near your patio. Coat the roller in paint. Starting at the far corner of the patio, use the roller to apply a thin coat of paint. Aim for even coverage. Allow the paint to dry completely.

  4. Add additional coats

    Add a second coat of paint, starting in the corner and working out. Allow it to dry, and continue adding coats until you achieve the desired coverage on the patio's porous surface. Wait a minimum of 72 hours after applying the last coat to use the patio.

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