How Do You Paint Over High-Gloss Paint?

High-gloss paint can be painted over by sanding it down first. A coat of primer will also help the new paint stick.

High-gloss paint can be both attractive and functional. It gives furniture a good amount of sheen and also makes it easy to take care of. Dirt and dust wipes off of high-gloss finishes much more easily than it does off of matte finishes, so this type of paint is popular for furniture that gets a lot of frequent use. Unfortunately, the gloss makes it difficult to repaint. A bit of time will be need to sand over the existing paint.

Before painting the item, clean it thoroughly. Dust and dirt make it difficult for paint to stick and can cause unattractive globs and marks in the paint.

Once the piece is clean, go over it with some medium-grit sandpaper. Sand the piece until all of the gloss is gone and it has a matte finish. Clean the area with a vacuum and a wet cloth to remove any dust left over from sanding.

Apply a coat of primer and let it dry. To finish off, apply the paint color of choice.