How Do You Paint Over Grooved Wood Paneling?

How Do You Paint Over Grooved Wood Paneling?

To paint over grooved wood paneling, mask it, caulk the seams, apply latex primer, and paint the paneling with latex interior paint. The supplies you need for this two-day project are drop cloths, masking tape, a stepladder, latex caulk, an applicator, sandpaper, primer, latex paint, a paint roller and paintbrushes.

  1. Protect the work area

    Apply masking tape around the edges, trim, baseboards and wall moulding. Cover the floor with drop cloths.

  2. Caulk the seams

    Apply latex caulk to the paneling seams, and smooth the surface with a flat applicator. Let the caulk dry completely, and then sand it until the paneling looks and feels smooth.

  3. Apply latex primer

    Prime the wall with latex primer. Prime the edges and corners with an angled paintbrush, and use a flat paintbrush to push the primer into the paneling grooves. Apply additional primer with a thick-nap paint roller. Let the primer dry according to the directions on the can. Rinse the brushes and roller.

  4. Paint the paneling

    Apply a coat of latex interior paint with the same technique you used to prime the wall. Let the paint dry, and apply a second coat if desired. Remove the masking tape when the paint is dry.