How Do I Paint Outdoor Wood Furniture?

How Do I Paint Outdoor Wood Furniture?

To paint outdoor wood furniture, you need paint, primer, a good quality paintbrush, putty, sandpaper and a tack cloth. This job will take several hours, including drying time.

  1. Prepare the wood

    Repair any dinged or damaged areas with putty. Prepare the wood by using rough sandpaper to rub away any old paint, putty or varnish. This step prepares the wood's surface so that the paint adheres to it. Once you have finished sanding, remove any loose dust by rubbing the furniture with the tack cloth.

  2. Apply the primer

    Apply a thin, even coat of primer to the wood furniture. Use a paintbrush and make sure your brush strokes follow the direction of the grain. Using primer creates a better finish to your painted wood furniture. Leave the primer to dry for a couple of hours before continuing to the next step.

  3. Paint the wood furniture

    Once the primer has dried, apply the paint. Use a brush with synthetic bristles to apply latex paint, or use a brush with natural bristles to apply oil-based paint. Use a paint roller to apply paint evenly to large, flat surfaces. Make sure you get an even coating of paint all over the wood furniture.