What Are Some Paint Options for Concrete Patios?


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Some of the paint options for a concrete patio include solid color stains, porch and patio gloss enamel, and textured paint. Prior to applying any of these paints, the patio should be clean and free of stains. Before beginning the paint project, owners should test the concrete for excess moisture by taping a 2-foot-by-2-foot piece of plastic over the surface using duct tape. If moisture collects on the plastic, they should correct the moisture problem before painting.

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There are several options for applying a solid color stain. Owners who desire a uniform finish should apply it with an all-purpose sprayer and back-roll with a paint roller. Following the same technique without back-rolling provides a natural stone look. To create greater depth, owners can apply two or more colors with separate sprayers.

Manufacturers formulate porch and patio gloss enamel to withstand high traffic. It is available in 100 percent acrylic for easy cleanup. Some manufacturers produce formulas that allow computer color matching to ensure the new patio finish complements the home. While the finish is durable, it cannot support traffic from automobile tires.

Textured concrete coating helps to create a slip-resistant patio. The material is available in a large selection of colors and hides stains and imperfections in the patio.

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