How Do I Get Paint Off of Tile?

How Do I Get Paint Off of Tile?

Most of the time, it is possible to remove paint from ceramic tile with physical force in a short time. Scraping with a putty knife usually removes the paint from the surface of tile glazed. Solve a paint on the grout problem by scrubbing with a scouring pad or replacing the grout, both of which increase the time required.

  1. Scrape away the problem

    For paint on surface of glazed tile, gently scrape using a putty knife. Place the blade parallel to the surface of the tile and press upward. If using a metal putty knife, use caution to prevent scratching the glaze.

  2. Scrub the grout

    Unlike the tile, grout is absorbent of the paint and pigments it contains. Scrub away any paint on the grout using a steel wool scrubbing pad. Use a small corner of the pad to scrub the grout without affecting the surface of the tile.

  3. Replace the grout

    Dark or vibrant pigments sometimes soak into the grout requiring the removal and replacement of the old grout. Solving the problem in this manner is more complex than scraping or scrubbing paint away. Unless you have experience in this process, call a professional for help with the replacement.