How Do You Paint a Newly Plastered Ceiling?


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Painting a plaster ceiling requires a little more work than painting a ceiling finished with dry wall. Make sure your newly plastered ceiling is completely dry before starting the painting process. Plaster can take anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks to dry completely.

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  1. Choose the correct paint

    Ask your paint store for a breathable paint if you are painting over lime plaster. Most modern paints that are painted directly on lime plaster crack and bubble. While there is no need to prime a plaster wall or ceiling, plaster is very porous and will absorb moisture from a water-based emulsion. To prevent this, water down a water-based paint by 50 percent or more.

  2. Chip off loose bits of plaster

    Use a paint scraper to knock away any drops or blobs of excess plaster. While these may not seem readily apparent before the paint is applied, they will show up after you have painted if you don't remove them.

  3. Paint the first coat

    Place a drop cloth on the floor to protect carpets or flooring. Use a brush to paint the edges of the ceiling, then use a paint roller to roll paint across the remaining area. Because the paint is so watered-down, make sure you roll back and forth across every spot of the ceiling before moving on.

  4. Fill the ceiling, then add a second coat

    Let the first coat of paint dry, then inspect the ceiling. Newly applied plaster typically needs a little filling. Use a filling knife to apply filling compound to any holes or cracks. Sand it down with light sandpaper, and touch up the sanded portions with watered-down paint. After the touch-ups are dry, use a paint roller to apply your second coat.

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