How Do You Paint Light Bulbs?

How Do You Paint Light Bulbs?

Paint light bulbs using glass paints that can withstand heat. Secure the metal screw with tape, apply the paint on the bulb with a small paint brush, let the paint dry, remove the tape, and screw the light bulb in place.

  1. Cover the metal screw of the bulb

    Take the bulb, and secure the metal portion that goes into the power socket with painter's tape. If painter's tape is not available, use ordinary tape or any similar material to keep this part covered during painting.

  2. Paint the light bulb

    Make sure that the paint can withstand the heat of the light bulb before applying it. Thoroughly shake the paint jars to ensure uniform color and consistency. Hold the light bulb by the metal screw portion. Then, dip a small paint brush in the paint, and apply it over the light bulb. Make sure that the paint is applied evenly and there's no excess paint on the bulb. Let the paint dry. If multiple paints are to be applied on the bulb, apply one color, and wait for it to dry. Once the paint has dried, take another small paint brush, and apply the new paint over the dry layer of paint.

  3. Screw the light bulb in the socket

    Once the applied paints have dried, remove the tape covering the metal screw of the bulb. Screw it in the socket, and turn it on.