How Do You Paint Laminated Furniture?


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The main steps to painting laminate furniture are cleaning with mild soap and water, sanding using a fine grit sandpaper, priming and painting. Both oil- and latex-based paints work when painting laminate furniture.

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After taking apart all the pieces of the laminate furniture, clean the furniture using a sponge and mild soap, such as dishwashing detergent, to remove any dust or dirt. Next, lightly sand all pieces of the furniture using a fine grit sandpaper, ensuring that all pieces are sanded evenly. Using a vacuum and soft cloth, remove the sanding dust from the furniture to prevent it from sticking to the paint.

Using a foam or polyester-bristled brush, prime the furniture with any type of interior primer. Apply the primer in a thin coat by painting in long, smooth lines. Give the primer at least an hour to dry completely. For best results, let the primer dry for a full day to decrease potential damage to the furniture.

Once the primer is dry, paint the furniture any color using the same technique as applying the primer. For this step, use a combination of a paint roller and brush. Apply at least two coats of paint or continue until the desired color is reached. Allow the paint to dry for a full day in between coats, and sand down any bubbles before painting the next coat.

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