How Do You Paint Laminate?

How Do You Paint Laminate?

One simple way to paint laminate is to sand the surface, apply a coat of primer and paint using a paint roller and a paint brush. You need sandpaper, a paint brush, an orbit sander, primer, a tack cloth, a foam brush and a paint roller to complete this task.

  1. Sand the surface

    Sand the entire surface with a fine-grit sandpaper to improve the adhesion of primer and paint. Make sure you sand all the areas evenly to prevent the paint from bubbling. Take caution not to use excessive pressure that tears through the laminate into the board beneath. You can also use an orbit sander with moderate pressure to sand the surface.

  2. Apply the primer

    Using a tack cloth, clean the sanded surface to remove the dust generated from sanding. Use a disposable foam brush to apply the primer in long, smooth strokes. Let it dry. The primer seals the laminate surface to prepare it for painting.

  3. Paint the surface

    Use a paint roller to paint the surface in long, smooth strokes. Use a paint brush for the corners and edges. Once all the surface has been painted, let it surface dry. Apply at least three coats of paint to get a smoother surface.