How Do You Paint a Kitchen in Shades of Orange?


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A popular style in design trends these days is the "ombre" technique of blending multiple shades of the same color into a gradient. According to Lowes, you can achieve this iconic style in your kitchen with nothing more than a few 3-inch bristle brushes, a tape measure and a straight edge. Lowes claims that it's an intermediate level project, but it shouldn't take any longer than a single day.

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Lowes suggests you begin with a well-primed wall surface, and mark off the areas of the wall using light pencil marks. Of course, you'll need to divide the wall into as many sections as the number of shades of orange you'll be painting. Shake and stir each can of paint to ensure even mixing of the pigments, and arrange them in the same order as you'll be applying them so that you don't confuse them while painting.

Use your angled bristle brushes to paint the horizontal sections of each paint color so that the colors touch, but don't overlap. In order to achieve the signature blended ombre look, load the brush with the color paint of one section, and begin to move the brush slowly upward into the next lighter color. Repeat this step for each of the remaining sections, cleaning and drying your brush between sections.

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