How Do You Paint a Kitchen Counter?

To paint a laminate countertop, sand the countertop, and apply a coat of primer to the surface. Allow the primer to dry, and apply two coats of latex paint to the surface, allowing the paint to dry completely between each coat. Apply a coat of polyurethane topcoat, and sand the countertop lightly with a damp sanding sponge. When the counter is smooth, wipe it dry, and remove the dust. Sand the counter and apply polyurethane two additional times.

Another option is to use a countertop painting kit. Clean the counter thoroughly with a cleaning solution, and allow the surface to dry. Sand the countertop with a 150-grit sanding sponge to remove the glossy surface, and clean the countertop to remove the dust.

Tape off outlets and other features with painter's tape, and cover the lower cabinets, nearby appliances and sink with plastic sheeting. Apply the countertop paint to the backsplash with a brush, and use a roller to apply paint to the horizontal surface of the counter.

Allow the paint to dry for one hour, and apply a second coat of the paint. Continue adding layers of paint until the original color is no longer visible, allowing the paint to dry for the recommend amount of time between each coat. Allow the paint to cure according to the manufacturer's instructions.