How Do You Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

How Do You Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Paint kitchen cabinets by removing all the hardware, cleaning and sanding the surfaces, adding primer and adding the paint. You need a screwdriver, trisodium phosphate, water, a rag, a tack cloth, sandpaper, primer sealer and paint.

  1. Remove the hardware on the cabinets

    Remove the handles, pulls, knobs, doors and drawers of the cabinets using the screwdriver. Make sure to keep track of which doors and drawers belong where.

  2. Clean the cabinets

    Mix together a solution of four parts water and one part trisodium phosphate. Wet a rag with the solution and clean the cabinets with it. Afterwards, rinse the cabinets with water and dry them.

  3. Sand the cabinets

    Sand over the surface of the cabinets and doors to provide a rough surface to which the new paint can adhere. Make sure not to over-sand the edges and corners. Clean the dust away with a vacuum or tack cloth.

  4. Apply primer sealer

    Add a coat of primer sealer to the cabinets. Wait for it to dry before painting.

  5. Paint the cabinets

    Paint the cabinets by starting at the edges and moving in to the center. Paint the doors and drawers. Apply a thin coat, allow it to dry and then lightly sand the painted areas before adding another coat. Add as many coats as needed.