How Do You Paint Horizontal Stripes on a Wall?


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To paint horizontal stripes on a wall, use a level, painter's tape, a roller or brush and as many colors of paint as you wish. Paint your base color, allow it to dry, lay out your stripes with tape and paint with your chosen colors. Remove the tape while the stripes are still wet.

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How Do You Paint Horizontal Stripes on a Wall?
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Paint your walls completely using the lightest color of paint you have chosen, and allow the paint to dry. Beginning in the corner of the room that is least visible, use your level to mark your stripes. Place a dot every 6 inches in a straight line. Continue in this manner to create guidelines for your painter's tape. Do not make stripes narrower than 4 inches or wider than 12 inches.

Make all your marks and connect them with lines of painter's tape. The tape guides your stripes. Paint with the second color using a roller or brush. Continue painting until all your stripes are applied. Remove the painter's tape while the paint is still wet to ensure that the paint is not pulled away from the wall with the tape. Touch up your stripes as needed using a small artist's brush for a professional finish.

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