How Do You Paint Grout Joints?


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Occasionally, grout is mixed improperly and doesn't dry to a neutral, gray color. If this occurs, you can paint your grout or masonry joints using a grout stain. This project requires masking tape, a stirring stick, a paintbrush, safety equipment and grout stain.

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  1. Prepare the work area

    Prepare the work area by taping the bricks or tiles where you're painting to keep from staining anything but the grout. Press the tape tightly to the brick.

  2. Mix the stain

    Purchase an oil-based stain for painting grout, which fills in the pours of the cement. You can find one at most home improvement stores where your desired color is mixed. Mix the stain well before applying it to the grout by shaking the can or using a stirring stick.

  3. Paint the grout

    Don plastic gloves and protective eyewear to protect your skin from the stain. Lower the paintbrush into the stain, covering only the tip of the brush. Test a small area first to make sure that the stain is the proper color and see if one coat is adequate. Allow the test area to dry before painting the rest of the grout. Brush the stain over the grout joint. Go slowly, and be thorough.

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