How Do You Paint a Garage Floor?

How Do You Paint a Garage Floor?

Paint a garage floor by emptying the space and providing plenty of ventilation before using an acid-based concrete cleaner to clean and etch the concrete. Apply a primer followed by the top coat. If the concrete is new, it must cure for at least 30 days before beginning the process.

  1. Empty the space

    Move everything off the garage floor. With an empty space, you are able to complete the process in a minimal amount of time.

  2. Clean the floor

    Sweep the floor to remove any loose debris. Open the garage door to provide ventilation, and wear eye protection when working with the acid. Apply the acid-based cleaner and etcher product using a plastic garden sprayer, following the manufacturer's directions. Rinse the floor well. Use a rubber squeegee to remove any excess water and allow the floor to dry thoroughly.

  3. Apply the primer

    Use a brush to cut in the primer. Paint a strip about 3 inches wide around all walls. Use a paint roller to apply the primer to the bulk of the floor. Allow the primer to dry per the manufacturer's directions before proceeding.

  4. Apply the top coat

    Repeat the cutting-in process using the top coat. Apply the remainder of the product using a roller. Apply a second coat after the first dries for a minimum of 24 hours.