How Do You Paint Galvanized Steel?


Paint galvanized steel by removing the oily film and white rust. Then, add a coat of primer before painting. When painting, use a roller soaked with only water-based paint because oil-based paint does not stick to steel.

  1. Remove the oily film

    With a clean cloth, remove all the oily film from the steel with a water-based degreaser. Rinse with clean water when all the film is gone. Repeat this step if an oily film is still present.

  2. Remove white rust

    Inspect the steel item well to see if there is any white rust on the surface. Using a dry, stiff wire brush, scrub the rust off completely.

  3. Apply primer

    Pour some water-based primer into a paint tray, and dip a paint roller into the tray. Remove the excess on the slanted portion of the tray by rolling it off. Then, roll the primer onto the galvanized steel until the item is completely covered. Allow the primer to dry on the steel completely. Clean the paint tray and paint roller.

  4. Paint the steel

    When the paint tray, roller and steel are dry, pour your choice of water-based paint into the tray. Dip the paint roller in it, and remove any excess paint before painting the steel.