How Do You Paint Furniture to Look Shabby Chic?


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Paint furniture to look shabby chic by giving it two coats of different colored paint, sanding the edges and surfaces, using a crackle kit and adding polyurethane. This process takes a few hours, plus drying time. You need a screwdriver, paint, a paintbrush, sandpaper, a crackle kit and polyurethane.

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  1. Remove all hardware from the furniture

    Use a screwdriver to remove all hinges, handles and hardware from the furniture.

  2. Add the first color of paint

    Paint the furniture one color of paint. This is the color that partially shows through after you sand. Choose a color that complements the top color. Allow the paint to dry.

  3. Add the second color of paint

    Add another layer of paint in a different color. Allow the second coat to dry.

  4. Sand the edges

    Once the paint dries, sand the edges of the furniture with sandpaper to give it a worn appearance. Lightly sand the surface in places that allow it to wear naturally with time.

  5. Clean away the dust

    Use a vacuum or a damp rag to clean away the dust.

  6. Use a crackle kit

    Purchase a crackle kit that gives the paint a crackled, worn look. Read the manufacturer's instructions before applying the crackle finish to the wood.

  7. Add the clear finish

    After the crackle layer is dry, add a clear polyurethane finish to protect the furniture.

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