How Do You Paint a Fiberglass Shower?

How Do You Paint a Fiberglass Shower?

To paint a fiberglass shower pan, remove the caulk, sand and scrub the pan, apply primer and paint, and apply caulk. You need a knife, protective gear, caulk remover, pliers, water, muriatic acid, a vacuum, a brush, rags, alcohol, sandpaper, masking tape, a paint sprayer, primer, epoxy paint and caulk.

  1. Remove the old caulk

    Put on rubber gloves, and cover the old caulk with caulk remover. Break up the softened caulk with a utility knife, and remove it with needlenose pliers. Wipe up the caulk residue with a rag soaked in rubbing alcohol.

  2. Sand and scrub the fiberglass

    Put on a breathing mask, and open the windows. Scrub the fiberglass with sandpaper until the surface looks dull. Vacuum the dust up with a wet-dry vacuum, and wipe the surface with a rag. Put on safety goggles and a respirator. Scrub the shower pan with several spoonfuls of muriatic acid diluted in a gallon of water. Rinse the fiberglass with water, and let it dry.

  3. Prime and paint the shower pan

    Cover nearby surfaces with masking tape, and spray the shower pan with a thin coat of epoxy primer. Let the primer dry according to the manufacturer's instructions, and then spray on a coat of epoxy paint. Let the paint dry, and apply a second coat if desired. Wait 72 hours, and then remove the masking tape.

  4. Apply fungicidal caulk

    Pipe fungicidal caulk around the perimeter of the shower pan.