How Do You Paint Fake Wood Furniture?

How Do You Paint Fake Wood Furniture?

Several types of sandpaper, primer and oil- or water-based paint are needed to paint fake wooden furniture. A handheld sander is optional, but makes sanding the piece easier. Furnishings in the kitchen, such as cabinets, should be cleaned with a strong degreasing agent to ensure the paint adheres. The process of painting fake wood includes cleaning, sanding and priming the surface before applying paint.

  1. Prepare the surface

    Clean the surface of the furnishing with a degreasing agent, and sand the piece using #150 sandpaper. A handheld sander should be used carefully to prevent removing laminate. Vacuum any accumulated dust.

  2. Apply primer

    Paint the surface of the furnishing with a light coat of primer. Allow the primer up to three days to dry completely.

  3. Resand the surface

    Sand the primer gently using #220 sandpaper to ensure the paint adheres to the surface. Use care to avoid removing all of the primer.

  4. Paint the furnishing

    Paint the furnishing with an oil- or a water-based paint. Allow the paint to dry before continuing.

  5. Check the paint for issues

    After drying, check the furnishing to determine whether the paint has adhered properly. If bubbling or peeling is present, resand the piece lightly with #220 sandpaper, and then repaint the surface.