How Do You Paint Exterior Concrete?

How Do You Paint Exterior Concrete?

To paint exterior concrete, use masking tape to cover edges and frames, and then start painting from a far corner and work your way out, using a long-handled brush. Let the first coat dry before painting another coat.

  1. Test the concrete for moisture content

    Tape a square of aluminum foil down with masking tape, and wait 24 hours. Remove the foil, and if it is dry, proceed with painting. Concrete with excessive moisture should not be painted because the moisture would prevent the paint from adhering.

  2. Prepare the surface to be painted

    Start by removing any furniture from the surface. Scrub the patio with a hard-bristled brush, and then thoroughly clean all debris with a mop and detergent. The cleaner the surface, the easier the paint adheres.

  3. Apply paint to concrete

    Use masking tape to cover door frames or patio edges. Apply an oil-based or latex paint formulated for outdoor use. Start in a far corner, and work your way out, using a long-handled brush for easier application. Allow the first coat to dry about four hours before applying the second coat. After the final coat dries, avoid walking on or using the surface until the paint has cured. This could take several days, depending on the climate.