How Do You Paint a Dresser?

To paint a dresser, bring it outside, remove the drawers, sand and prime the wood, paint it, and dry the dresser. This 4-hour process requires latex gloves, a particle mask, a drop cloth, screwdriver, sandpaper, paper towels, water, primer, latex paint, a paint tray, a roller and a paintbrush.

  1. Prepare the dresser

    Remove the drawers, and unscrew the hardware. Bring the dresser and drawers outside, and set them on a large drop cloth. Put on latex gloves and a particle mask. Sand the dresser and the front of the drawers, wipe the sanded surfaces with a damp paper towel, and give them several minutes to dry.

  2. Apply the primer

    Apply one coat of aerosol primer to all the surfaces you wish to paint. Dry the primer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  3. Prepare the paint

    Pour latex paint into a paint tray.

  4. Apply two coats of paint

    Saturate a roller with paint, press on it to remove the excess, and run the roller over the dresser and drawers. Wait for it to dry, and then apply a second coat of paint with a medium paintbrush. Give the paint several hours to dry.

  5. Reassemble the dresser

    Reattach the hardware, bring the dresser inside, and reinsert the drawers.