How Do You Paint Concrete Floors?


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To paint a concrete floor, clean the floor, and apply two coats of primer. Apply at least two coats of paint, and seal the paint with masonry sealer.

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  1. Clean the floor

    Mop the floor with a degreasing solution, and rinse it with water. Allow the floor to dry. Sand away any previous paint, and vacuum the floor.

  2. Repair the floor

    If needed, use a trowel to fill the cracks and holes with concrete patch compound, and let the compound dry.

  3. Prime and paint the floor

    Apply a coat of primer with a paint roller, and let it dry. Apply the second coat, and let it dry again. With a paint roller, apply the first coat of paint, and let the floor dry. Apply subsequent coats as needed, letting the paint dry between the coats. Finally, apply coats of masonry sealer the same way as the paint, and let the floor dry.

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