How Do You Paint Concrete?

How Do You Paint Concrete?

Painting concrete requires preparing the concrete wall or concrete floor, then applying an epoxy coating if needed, followed by a base coat and a finishing coat. The step-by-step instructions for painting concrete will depend on whether or not the concrete being painted is a wall of concrete or a garage floor.

  1. Preparing the surface
  2. Whether the surface is a wall or a garage floor, the preparation of the surface is crucial to the success of the project. The concrete itself needs to be swept or wiped down so that there is no loose debris. The surface should also be etched if needed and then the area should be taped off around the edges.

  3. Applying epoxy coating
  4. An epoxy coating is used for concrete garage floors because it can withstand rougher treatment than other coating options. It is possible to use epoxy coating on walls as well.

  5. Applying a base coat
  6. The base coat helps to set the tone for the paint color chosen. It helps to ensure that the color will show up vividly and will look as intended.

  7. Painting the concrete
  8. The final step involves painting the concrete itself. For concrete walls, it is recommended that two coats of paint be used while concrete garage floors will most likely only need one glazed coat.