What Paint Colors Look Good Together in a Bedroom?


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Some paint colors that look good together in a bedroom include gray and pink for a trendy room, blue and yellow for a classic room, and green and blue for a spa-like room. The style of the room determines what direction to go as far as color schemes are concerned.

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Classic color combinations vary for a bedroom. Blue and yellow work in many different shade combos, such as a dark navy blue with a golden yellow or a daisy yellow with a lighter cornflower blue. Other classic color combinations for the bedroom include coral and pint, cherry red and lime green, and cranberry red and pine. For a bedroom that is decorated in neutral colors, think of ways to add contrast between dark and light. Choose any combination of gray, tan, white, ivory or taupe for this type of room.

While bright colors are not common in bedrooms since they aren’t exactly relaxing, the cheerful energy they give can still be good in some circumstances. When looking at bright colors, avoid hues that give off a brown or red quality as they don’t combine well with bright colors like yellow, jade green and turquoise. For a spa-style room, combine a subtle blue and green with other neutral shades. Blue and green together work well for this space.

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