What Are Some Paint Color Ideas for Small Living Rooms?


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When painting a small living room, choose monochromatic colors and glossy paint to make the space seem larger. One option is to paint a small space white, because white paint reflects light and makes the walls recede, giving the space a larger feel.

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What Are Some Paint Color Ideas for Small Living Rooms?
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Carefully choose paint colors and arrange furniture to decorate a small living space. Choose a palette of sharp colors instead of dull colors. Electric blues, hot reds, green and yellow are all options for sharp colors. Another option is to create a focal wall in a small space. Choose a bold or deep color and paint only one wall. The darker color on the focal wall can make it seem to recede, giving the space a larger feeling.

Another idea is to paint stripes on the wall or to stretch the space. Paint the ceiling a lighter color than the walls to give an airy feel. Hanging fabrics and wall decals serve as additions to painted living spaces. Accents can be monochromatic or a variety of colors to achieve a cohesive design.

Experiment with small samples of paint on the walls before making a choice. Colors vary depending on the light in a space. Cool colors will make the space feel light, while warm colors make the space feel cozy.

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